i don’t usually do things like this but i thought i might give a quick shout-out to some cool-ass people whose greatness i bask in every day when i scroll through my dashboard, and i really think that you all should follow them too. every single one of these people are amazing and beautiful and talented and crazy wonderful and just make my dash a brilliant place—i thank them dearly for that, and wish everyone a happy holidays!

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    Oh my god, that is so nice!
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    thank you darling!!
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    EEEE DEEDEE aw thanks man u fluffy lump u c’mere i’ma squish u squish ur cheeks squish ur tender heart and stuff and...
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    oh my gdo im on a follow forever thing holy shit thank you sO MUCH YOU ARE SO AMAZING GUH C’:
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    legitimately the best picture i’ve ever seen
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