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blacklist: "asoiaf spoilers" if you haven't read all the books. seriously, bro.

I guess this qualifies as a semi-hiatus



got meme → nine characters {6/9}  Bran Stark *spoilers*

01. the forest | jamin winans 

02. winter seeds | freelance whales
my family breeds / wild winter seeds, like me / overground and frozen in my shell / i can hold my breath well / over time i will heirloom into / something gnarled for you

03. maybe sprout wings | the mountain goats
ghosts and clouds and nameless things / squint your eyes and hope real hard / maybe sprout wings

04. like a forest | low
black, like a forest / and still, like a lion / my knees are bended / i wasted my breath / on words soon forgotten / left unattended  

05. made a resolution | sea wolf
and the hills that i was born in will never leave me no matter how hard i try / my body filled up with blackness / and the darkness it wanted to drown me / “son, my hands are strong / but i hope you have the strength to shake us free”

06. wolfboy | seabear
 so many things at the same time / make me feel like nothing at all / if i don’t stop it won’t catch up to me / wolfboy, it’s better through closed eyes / you let your hair grow long and your heart cold

07. missing children | okkervil river
kids get lost / lands out wandering / bigger, blacker, things go following / kids grow up and kids get numb and / kids, it’s coming, kids, it’s going to come 

08. lose your soul | dead man’s bones
i get up in the morning to the beat of the drum / i get up to this feeling, keeps me on the run / i get up in the morning, put my dreams away / i get up, i get up, i get up again

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