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blacklist: "asoiaf spoilers" if you haven't read all the books. seriously, bro.

I guess this qualifies as a semi-hiatus



got meme → nine characters {5/9}  Catelyn Tully Stark    *spoilers*

01. river | alexandre desplat 

02. flume | bon iver
i am my mother on the wall, with us all / i move in water, shore to shore; nothing’s more / only love is all maroon / lapping lakes like leery loons

03. the haunted man | bat for lashes
i couldn’t sleep last night / cause I tried to forget you / in the suffocated air / i resolved to let you go /yes, your ghosts have got me too / but it’s me and you / i can’t run

04. deadman’s gun | ashtar command
and you not gonna let them take your will to live / because they’ve taken enough and you’ve given them all you can give / and luck won’t save them tonight / they’ve given you reason to fight 

05. weight of water | low
and the weight of the water has brought me back to this / just leave me to the river / as i bleed from the wound / how i cower to that weight / still i’ll make this water home

06. bitten (acoustic) | patrick wolf
 desire for destruction / one on which she’ll depend / one that ceases to deepen, too near bitter end / treasures buried soul deep / and crossed under crack / now there’s no voice, choice or / any road back

07. dead hearts | dead man’s bones
i wont go whistling by your grave / if you don’t go whistling by mine / welcome to a place where nightmares are the best part of my day 

Bonus! la llorona | beirut
ever away from seeing more than life / the morning lies miles away from the night / and all it takes to fall / if you don’t walk, might as well crawl

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